Teacher Database

The EKU's Teacher Database is designed to help connect class coordinators and people interested in learning more about an art, science, martial activity, or service activity, with teachers and mentors throughout the East Kingdom. The database will be updated each year by EKU staff to keep it current and to maintain its usefulness for the populace of the kingdom.

Register with the Database:  If you are willing to be contacted by individuals or class coordinators to teach in your area of expertise, please fill out this form. -Please be aware that information submitted using this form will become available for anyone to see. -Your information will appear in the database the next time the database is updated.

Access the Database: To see the responses entered by individuals into the google database, please click the link. 

Archived Database Responses:  Not Updated Beyond April 2013 -This database provides a list of teachers by category. Information about each teacher and their area of expertise is available in the database, along with contact information. -To access information, click on the Teacher Category link. -After clicking on a category in the database, you may have to wait approximately 30 seconds for the report to generate. Please be patient. The EKU would like to thank the EK Webministers office for their help with this project