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Ostgardr is hunting around for a decent site in which to host a University late 2007 or early 2008. If anyone has ideas, please direct them to the Southern Region Deputy - Lady Jacqueline Helene Loisel

Our Period Style University is still in the planning stages and is tentatively set for late May 2008. Much planning is going into this and we hope that people from all over the Known World will be able to attend.

We have our volunteer spots all filled now! Thanks so much!

On the last note, registration for Pennsic has started. Please visit the Pennsicwar site to read about the A&S Activities and the University Activities. I am working with the University as a deputy so if there are any questions regarding the University at Pennsic, please don't hesitate to ask.

Thank you,

In Service,

Erlandr Skald di Njorlandi, Chancellor of the University

—Erlan Nordenskald, Chancelloress of the University, East Kingdom

This is the recognized Web page for the University of the East Kingdom of the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. The maintainer of this page is Constance de Saint Denis (Anna Bradley). It is not a corporate publication of the Society for Creative Anachronism, and does not delineate SCA policies. In cases of conflict with printed versions of material presented on this page or its links, the dispute will be decided in favor of the printed version.

Saturday, April 5th , a.s. xlii (a.d. 2008)
Barony Beyond the Mountain - Hartford CT
02/27/08, 11 pm
  = description below

It is with great pleasure that the University is offering the following classes at the University event in the Barony Beyond the Mountain.


Introduction to Tablet Weaving An introductory class for beginners. Instruction will be on basic structure and technique of tablet weaving, from ball of yarn to finished project. We will cover documentable, period techniques, and try to focus on hands-on learning. Materials will be available for eight students, but any number may sit in. A materials fee of $1 will cover the cost of yarn and basic tablets.
Lord Gauen Wydefare is a 9th century Breton in exile from his homeland, who spends his time weaving and exploring other things to do with string.

Adventures in Palmistry-the Adventure Begins - Learn practical beginner's palmistry skills you can use immediately.Come prepared to learn and have fun!
Lady Catherine du Fay is a bard, an embroiderer, a soothsayer with over 37 years of experience and someone who loves to teach almost as much as she loves to learn new things to share with others.She is a member of the East Kingdom Soothsayer's Guild. Meanwhile, Catherine Kane is a professional psychic and is teaching a full palmistry course online for E.K. Soothsayer's Guild members.....

Survey to Medieval Parrot Aviculture: An introduction to parrots. We'll look at medieval parrot culture and how medieval belief persists today. It sorts our concepts of these birds from the reality, fact from fiction, starting with each student's individual ideas of what a parrot is. Students will learn what parrots are and discover the species most commonly kept in Europe and Asia. We'll talk a little about food and nutrition and about toys and why they were and are important with parrots.

Falconry verses Aviculture: Birds played an important part in medieval life. Trade in parrots, hawks, and falconry equipment was big business. Yet it is easy in modern times to confuse the two arts. In this class you'll learn to distinguish hawks from companion birds, falconry from aviculture, and see just how distinctly different these two vibrant arts and sciences really were while gaining appreciation for both.

More Than Mimics: Medieval Parrots and Parrot Communication: Parrots just mimic what we say, right? In period they thought so. In this class we'll discuss period attitudes towards the parrot ability to learn our language while practicing hands-on how to communicate better with them. A must for anyone who has a parrot, knows one, or wants one someday.

Beginning Middle Eastern Drum- Doumbeck basics- how to hold it, strike it and play it. No experience required. Sorry- No loaner instruments.

Progressive Beginner- Middle Eastern Drum- More Rhythms, accents and etiquette. Participants in this class must have some experience with their drum. Sorry- No loaner instruments. There is no class size restriction, Donations gladly accepted for handouts. I will need a room with plenty of area to set chairs in a circle. Class length should not exceed an hour- but you are welcome to make it shorter if that works out better for your schedule.

Arianism: Going Gothic in the Early Middle Ages Soon after the fall of the Roman Empire, Arian Christianity was the dominant religion in northern Africa, Spain, and most of Italy. Why was this heresy so popular among Germanic tribes and their successor kingdoms? Why was it abandoned? An introduction to the historical and theological issues. Handout limited to 25 students.

Troubleshooting your Tailoring Making a flat pattern fit a round human can be difficult. This will be a very interactive discussion where common difficulties in fitting will be considered and addressed. Students are encouraged to bring troublesome fitting issues.

A picture may be worth a 1000 words But do you understand the language? This class will cover some of the things you need to take into account when using a painting as your primary source for garb- from what works to use to figuring out construction method. max. 55 minute class with no fee

Keyhole neckline class A class with practical instruction on how to make the keyhole neckline.

Chancellor Minor class A discussion of how to run children's activities at a variety of different events (i.e. camping events and indoor events). Craft ideas, practicalities of running activities with the current law restrictions, sources for crafts, bringing a period flare to the activities, etc...

The Luttrell Psalter Interested in the everyday life of of England in the 14th century? Fascinated by grotesques? Want to see unique filler art? Come see the Luttrell Psalter Facsimile! Over 600 pages of calligraphy and illumination to make anyone drool. Within the pages of the Luttrell you will see magnificent beasts, knights, farmers, muscians, archers, animals, bugs, mythical creatures (you even play find the mermaid game!). Class is limited to 5 people, to ensure proper viewing.

The Life of Your Scroll Ever wonder how that scroll hanging on your wall came to be? Just who made it and what did it take for them to make it? Or are you interested in the Scribal Arts, but unsure how to begin? Are you a new scribe who has questions about what to do with your scroll once it's finished? Find the answers to these questions and much more! We'll take you step-by-step through the scroll making process, starting with the scribal kit and ending with the delivery of the scroll.

Chain Maile tutorial Description: Ongoing one on one hour long sessions. Start with Basic 4 in 1 chain and potentially move to other patterns as time allows. Materials fee of $2-5 (ring cost).

Yarn Plying Class - 1.5 to 2 hours Description: Hands on class that will cover Andean plying, Cabled plying and Navaho plying. There will be a few loaner spindles and material, or bring your own. Class for is $5 with materials, $1 for just the handout.

"Introduction to SCA Missile Combat for Fighters and Marshals" - 90 minutes (could be reduced to one hour if necessary) Description: This class is designed to give a basic introduction to Siege, Combat Archery, and Combat Thrown Weapons equipment, rules, and tactics to fighters and marshals who are not familiar with these forms of combat. The class will be somewhat hands-on with examples of weapons, armor, and ammunition on display but it is not an active fighting class and no armor or weapons are necessary. This class is informational only and does not result in authorization with these weapons forms or a Marshallate in either form. Interested non-combatants more than welcome as well.

Dancing 101: So you want to learn what to do at the next SCA dance? This is a very beginning dance class intended for ages 5-105. We'll learn basic steps and dances for both English and Italian period dances. Knowledge of left and right foot helpful but not necessary, although you might know this by the time we're finished. 1 Hour Teacher: Mistress Deonna von Aachen

Wind instruments of the Renaissance: This is a survey class of musical instruments, primarily woodwinds that were common from 1450 to 1600. You'll hear their distinctive sounds and perhaps try some too. We'll also talk about their specific uses, what music was played, and who played them. 1 Hour Teacher: Mistress Deonna von Aachen

I Meant To Do That -- historically calligraphers and especial those who were producing quires would plow forward despite errors. Come and join in the fun as we discuss the scribal error and how to to deal with it.

"What you bring to the table" an exploration of the individuals empowerment as a modern medievalist and how to find your niche in the SCA. No limit on number of people, participants should bring a sense of humor..

Drawing for people who do not think they can draw think you can't draw a straight line with a ruler. Participants should be old enough to take instruction, and mature enough not to poke at one another with pencils. Pencil and paper will be supplied, although on going projects are also welcome.

Scribal Gathering 2 Hours Moderators: Lady Saerlai, Khionya, Eleanor
Scribal gathering: Interested in the scribal arts (calligraphy, illumination, word-smithing, etc.)? Whether you have never tried your hand, are just beginning or have moderate experience, or are a more experienced scribe, please join us for a discussion about our common interests. Here you will meet the new Tyger Clerk of the Signet (Kingdom officer for scribal arts and scroll assignment), Lady Khionya Ryseva and several of her deputies. In addition to general discussion about our common art, you may also provide input for the Signet team about how they can best support you in developing your talents or supporting others to do so. If you are an active scribe, please bring your portfolio with you so that we can share our experience and talent!

Class 1 - Stenciling 101 - how to create great period decorations, banners, tent ornamentation. 1 hour, no fee. Hands-on and instruction. Need large table in room for hands-on, I will provide protection for table, etc.
Damiana Illaria d'Onde

Furniture: Plans and basic construction of a 15-16th Century "box chairr" Similar to a Glastonbury chair, but with storage under the seat. From extant example in the Cloisters, and reproductions of Glastonbury chair. This is not a carpentry class, but with basic tools and some woodworking knowledge, attendees can take plans and replicate. 1 hour, no fee.
Damiana Illaria d'Onde

16th Century Royal Aragonese Costume: Extant Clothing in Naples - a review of study done with the conservator of this clothing, exhibited in Naples currently. Slide/presentation and discussion of construction techniques and overview of various available materials on this clothing. 1 hour, no fee. Need table and power plugs in room.
Damiana Illaria d'Onde

Calligraphy 101 Interested in becoming a scribe? Don't know where to start? Calligraphy is just one component of a scroll in the SCA. Together, there 3 major sections: the illumination (painting part of the scroll), the calligraphy (pretty handwriting) and the words(text of the scroll).This workshop will discuss some tools of calligraphy, and give you an introduction to 3 basic hands: Italic, Uncial, and Batarde.
Ding Li Ying

University Roundtable Discussion - Chancellor and Deputies
This will occur during the Dayboard break

The Root of It All: Fibonacci's Radical Algorithms Type of Description- When summoned to the court of Frederick II, Fibonacci had to solve some problems, including one where he had to extract a root. We will examine his algorithms for extracting square and cube roots from his book, Liber Abaci.
Lady Rozina

Origami... Is it period? Well of course it is! We will start out with a brief history of origami, then, start folding! We begin folding a few simple traditional models and then see where the general level of the class is. We may progress onto intermediate models time permitting. I will also have books and diagrams available for more advanced students who may wish to play by themselves. I will TRY to have some more complex models on hand for people to look at as well as some samples of more "period" type paper. But we will be using commercial origami paper (kami), because it's cheaper and is easier to fold. Fee: $2 per person? - Micnele Chang

Introduction to Pleatwork Embroidery Will discuss the basics of embroidery on a pleated surface. The three basic stitches will be taught through a hands on workshop. Basic embroidery knowledge will be needed.
Class limit 5

Evolution of the Pleated Garment in 16th century Europe. This class is an overview of the history and evolution of the pleated and embroidered garments worn primarily in the Germanic and Italian regions during the 1st half of the 16 century

And more...

Teacher inquiries, intent to teach or other matters should be e mailed to the Chancelloress


Erlandr Skald di Norlandi (Erlan Nordenskald)
(Maria Daggettt-Eskinazi)
3210 Leeward Drive
Haverstraw, NY 10927
845-429-4103 or

Northern Shores
Zelina Silverfox(Zee)
(Karren Worden)
RR#2 Scotsburn

Northern Region
Lors Stuidhart Martainn MacDhomhnaill
(Stuart Joseph)
36 Front St.
Bellows Falls, VT 05101

Central Region
Lady Constance de Saint Denis
(Anna Bradley)
4 Curtis Street #2
Waltham, MA 02453
(no calls after 10pm)

Southern Region
Lady Jacqueline Helene Loisel
(Jackie Kapaj)
4291 Napier Avenue
Bronx, NY 10470

Web Minister
Lady Cosntance de St. Denis
(Anna Bradley)
(no calls after 10pm)